Crescent Head is situated on the Mid North Coast of NSW between Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour. Crescent Head provides access to some of the best surf spots on the coast.

Crescent Head Point is a fantastic right hand wave breaking up to 400 metres in the right conditions. Crescent Head Front Beach offers a variety of right and left hand barrelling waves in a combination of north or south swell directions. The Point and Front Beach are protected when there is a south wind.

To the north of Crescent Head Point, between Crescent Head Main Beach and Hungry Headland, the coastal geography is characterised by a 17km bay. This area is littered with beach breaks offering perfection for the hungry surfer on their given day. Westerly winds provide ideal conditions.

To the south of Crescent Head you come to the "Back Beach" as it's known by the locals. This beach extends about 7km southward to Racecourse Headland (another right hand point break). There are numerous waves in this area and Racecourse Point is another decent point break when sanded up.

Next up is Delicate-Nobby which provides a fun and very unique coastal experience. The waves vary here and there's plenty of searching to be done. Locals will assure you of many perfect days in the area and you'll see what they mean if you're lucky enough to score the correct combination of swell, wind and tides. There is a camp-ground located 100 metres from the waves!

Continuing south from Delicate-Nobby through the National Park brings you to Big Hill - a sand bottom point break that relies on mother nature depositing sand in the right spots. This is a beautiful area with amazing wildlife and if you're lucky you might even spot a kangaroo on the beach watching you surf. There is another camp-ground located very close to the waves at Big Hill.

Up and over Big Hill brings you to Barries Bay and Point Plomer. At Barries Bay you will find more beach breaks, and then as you make your way further down the coast, you will come to Point Plomer. This is another south protected point break set amidst a camp ground. There are plenty of great surfs up for grabs here.

For those prepared to check it out, Back Plomer is a short drive south of Point Plomer. This northern protected corner is a Summer haven when a north easterly blows. The beach extends southwards to the mouth of the Hastings River near Port Macquarie.

The Takeoff - Crescent Head Point
Racecourse On A Big Day
Sunset Surfing, Crescent Head Point