About us

The Crescent Head Surf Co. is a family owned business that has been stocking the best surfing brands and equipment for more than 30 years. The owners of Crescent Head Surf Co., Peter and Kathy Cornish, have an intricate understanding of the Australian and global surfing industries.

Peter has had a long and distinguished career in the surf industry. Originally from Sydney's DeeWhy beach, Peter relocated to Crescent Head more than 40 years ago. Kath is a former professional surfer and Australian champion. She still loves surfing and is heavily involved in sport training and coaching.

Daughter Samantha Cornish has been an integral part of the Crescent Head Surf Co. She competed on the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Tour for more than 10 years with professional victories in Australia, Brazil, England and Hawaii.

The Cornish family know the surf around Crescent Head better than most, so if you're in the area be sure to drop by the shop and find out where the best breaks on the day are.

Kath Cornish
Pete Cornish
Samantha Cornish